The Illinois Mechanical & Specialty Contractors Association - IMSCA

The Illinois Mechanical & Specialty Contractors Association is the principle voice of the rights of the subcontracting industry in Illinois. IMSCA has successfully represented subcontractors since 1967 by effectively influencing legislation in Illinois for the benefits of its constituents. IMSCA has established itself as a positive force for the Illinois construction industry by making its presence known to Illinois legislators.  IMSCA's legislative representation is led by a team of lobbyists who review all bills of interest that are introduced by members of the Illinois General Assembly, and take necessary action to promote or oppose legislation that has an impact on the construction industry. IMSCA also serves as a source of information by disseminating useful information to its members and being a source of education for subcontractors.


IMSCA 2014 Gubernatorial Candidate

Meet and Greet

THANK YOU to everyone who attended the Construction Industry Gubernatorail Candidate Meet and Greet on September 18th.  The event was well attended with nearly eighty contractors in attendance.  We feel we showed Republican Governor Candidate Bruce Rauner and Democrat Lieutenant Governor Candidate Paul Vallas a strong showing from our industry.  The candidates provided all attendees a unique opportunity to learn more about their plans to get our state back on track.



House Bill 3636 APPROVED by Governor Quinn

We are happy to report HB 3636, IMSCA's "Cypress Creek" legislation was signed by Governor Quinn on February 11, 2013.  The law is effective immediately.

IMSCA would like to thank all of our members who made phone calls, sent emails and wrote letters encouraging legislators to vote "yes".  A group effort was made to ensure HB 3636 was passed by the Illinois legislature and those efforts paid off.  In addition, we are thankful for our sponsors, Senator John Mulroe and Representative Kelly Burke for supporting the construction industry and ensuring the passage of this important legislation.our